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My college coach helped me every step of the way. Our zoom meetings were full of critical information. I was able to focus on my GPA, keeping my grades up, while preparing for college because of my coach’s guidance. There’s only so many hours in a day but my coach helped me to focus and schedule and meet deadlines without impacting my grades. My coach took all the stress out of preparing for college and now I’m heading to my #1 college choice!


Class of 2022

I am a working mom. My children are very active at school and in the community. The College Family Plan gave us direction and guidance to complete the necessary steps in preparing for college applications. Working with the FAFSA Team saved us a ton of time and money. The College coach is a must if you want your student to stay focused in school, active in the community, while preparing for college. I now have both of my children working with The College Family Plan. I give them an A+.



We are ecstatic! Lexi has gotten into the University of Georgia, Auburn, University of Alabama and Ole Miss. UGA is her dream school! This would not be happening without The College Family Plan.



The College Family Plan opened our eyes to the different options we had in selecting universities. We thought we could only choose a Georgia school because she qualified for the state scholarships. Not only did our student go to an Ivy League school but the cost was less than a state school for her. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Bob & Rebecca


My mom and dad went to college in India. We were completely lost with how to go to college in America. Once we met The College Family Plan team we were pointed in the right direction and they held our hand every step of the way. I am happy to report I’ve been accepted to Georgia Tech.



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