Frequently Asked Questions


“When do I start planning?”

While saving money can start as soon as possible, parents and students can expect to start the real planning during the sophomore and junior year of high school.

“How can I qualify for aid when my income is high?”

We have developed unique strategies that can be employed to improve overall consideration for aid.

“Aren’t good grades and AP classes enough?”

While grades and test scores are a factor, they are not the sole determining factor colleges look at for enrollment or eligibility. Determining aid, eligibility and the significance of taking AP classes is discussed with your College Planning Coach.

“How can I afford to save for college when I don’t make enough?”

There are a considerable number of ways to save for college.  Every family’s situation is unique and your Personal Financial Coach is equipped to work through all the options utilizing a structured, tailored plan. 

“How can I plan for college and save for retirement?”

With traditional planning methods, it might seem hard, but we can sit down and discuss the creative options to accomplish both objectives.

“With numerous career choices, how can my student narrow down their focus?”

Our Career Planning software helps determine the best fit for your student based on a ……. This helps eliminate costly career changes during the college years. 

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